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Canoga Park SMILE (Spreading More Laughter Everyday) is Full Vision Art's Total Health and Wellness Initiative in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley community of Canoga Park.  CP SMILE brings together professionals from the worlds of mental, physical, dental and spiritual health and joins them with professionals from the world of arts & entertainment to serve families, groups and individuals in the community who may need help with their health and a reason to smile.  Through services ranging from on-site health screenings to educational forums to health and wellness fairs to arts & entertainment events, the Canoga Park Smile Initiative is committed to a healthy community.

  Wellness and health awareness, performing arts and incredible laughter will bring us all together and make Canoga Park healthier and stronger. Science has long proven that laughter is an incredible, healing medicine.  Help us spread more of it.  Find out how you or your organization can get involved in Canoga Park SMILE.

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Remember, "Every laugh begins with a SMILE!"

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