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  • Byron Spires
    Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without some of the support and opportunities that I had, and I also wonder what it would be like if I had more. We all need opportunity, and a guiding hand to help us reach our potential. I learned about the software world as a kid, but had no outlet for applying what I learned until a few pillars in the community helped channel my abilities and gave me the opportunity to start a career. When I learned about the Full Vision Arts Foundation, and the talented youngsters it has under its wings, I thought, man I wish I could help give some of these kids that opportunity and support I had and wished I had more of. I then realized I may never be able to get involved physically, so I would give the one thing that travels easy, and provides enormous support, and opportunity in the right hands. I decided to make a financial donation of which stands in my stead, and no doubt is in the right hands. I am cheering for you guys all the way!