Full Vision New Media Arts Academy

The Full Vision New Media Arts Academy integrates cutting-edge digital technology and the
latest multi-media applications with practical, hands-on instruction in multi-disciplinary
performing arts.

New Media Arts Academy (NMAA) industry professional instructors empower students with
valuable career tools and mentorship, providing a conducive environment for them to conceive,
design and complete projects through to fruition.

Students are empowered to develop and demonstrate their own creativity and newly acquired
skills through the creation of original films and videos, websites, live theatrical productions,
musical recordings and multi-media presentations.

NMAA introduces our students to state of the art technology via the latest computer
applications, filming techniques and equipment, along with A/V recording & editing software
and hardware, and provides them with career-oriented training to create professional level
content for public exhibition.

NMAA staff also works with local colleges and universities, as well as local industry employers
to help highly motivated students design pathways to take their education and careers to the
next level.

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